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Whatever happened to the Bugaloos???

A popular topic for Bugaloos fans is "Where are they now?" For many years, we did not know what had become of our friends, the Bugaloos, but in December 1997, we heard from Caroline "Joy" Ellis. In July 1999, we have made contact with John "I.Q." McIndoe and a month later we interviewed John "Courage" Philpott. Finally, in December 1999, we contacted Wayne "Harmony" Laryea ... but have not gotten an official interview with him yet.

More recently, I got to meet Van Snowden in October 2001 ... I also added two new pages for the Bugaloo Buggy, and the Bugaloo Bike (!!!), after visiting with Barris Kustom Kars in January 2002.

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Caroline Ellis (Joy)
John McIndoe (I.Q.)
John Philpott (Courage)
Wayne Laryea (Harmony)
Billy Barty (Sparky the Firefly)
Martha Raye (Benita Bizarre)
Sharon Baird (Funky Rat)
Joy Campbell McKenzie (Woofer)
Van Snowden (Tweeter)
Walker Edmiston (Voice of Sparky)
The Bugaloos Mansion
The Bugaloo Buggy
The Bugaloo Bike

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