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Caroline "Joy" Ellis

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Whatever Happened to Caroline Ellis???

For this question on so many lips, we finally have an answer. On December 17th, I received Email from a gentleman named Tony Ellis, who told me he was Caroline Ellis' brother. The following is a summary of the conversations I've had with him, as well as an Emailed letter from Caroline herself!!!

Special thanks to Tony Ellis for providing us with this information, and giving me permission to post it here on the Internet. Caroline is not presently on the Internet.

Q: What happened to The Bugaloos? There was a movie, and multiple albums planned ... why'd they stop?
A: After making the first series the Kroft brothers did want the four actors to stay and make another series and a movie. However it was Christmas and they had been away from England for most of the year so they returned home apparently slightly against the wishes of the producers. They waited in England for a call to return to Hollywood and carry on working but the call never came for reasons unknown. A movie was planned as you say but according to Caroline, Columbia pictures went bankrupt around this time and all the movies were shelved.

Q: What did Caroline do after The Bugaloos was over?
A: Caroline and all the other Bugaloos stayed in Britain and after a while gave up waiting and took other acting jobs. Caroline made a children's adventure series here called the 'Freewheelers' (without any singing) in which she rode a horse most of the time. She went on to tour Britain's theatres in several plays and comedies, and had minor roles in a Sherlock Holmes TV series and other small parts (but not the George Michael Careless Whisper video!).

Q: Does Caroline have a mailing (postal) address?
A: For the moment any letters for Caroline can be sent to

      Apartado de Correos 305

Q: Does Caroline still keep in touch with any of the other Bugaloos? Do you know what happened to them?
A: Wayne was in a couple of British soaps on tv for a few years and is still an actor as far as we know. He is the only one Caroline is in touch with although since I told her about the renewed interest in the Bugaloos on the Internet she is going to try and get in touch with the others again.

Q: What's Caroline doing now?
A: Caroline got married, had a baby girl (Sasha, who now looks like 'Joy'), gave up acting and is now a 'real estate' agent in Europe. Her (ex) husband's name is Mike.

Q: Is any of Caroline's work available on video?
A: Not that I know of. I presume you are in Australia or the USA somewhere as I do not think the European Nickelodeon channel has had a Krofft marathon or even ever shown the Bugaloos. The show isn't known in this country.

A Letter from Caroline "Joy" Ellis

December 22, 1997                    

Hi there

First of all, I'm very much alive and very flattered and happy that you remember the Bugaloos with such fondness. The show was a fun and wonderful time for me, and of course Wayne, John and little John.

After finishing the series and tour I was asked to do a tv series in England which then led on to much theatre and tv work. Consequently, sadly, I never returned to America and lost touch with Sid and Marty Krofft, the producers. I still keep in touch with Wayne who also has remained in TV in Britain. I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the two John's.

I now live in Spain, and stopped working in 'show business' when my daughter, Sasha, was born nearly 12 years ago. She would be a wonderful 'Joy' if ever a new Bugaloo series was made!

I miss 'the business' enormously. Maybe one day I'll return. (If someone makes me an offer!). Anyway, it's wonderful to hear that you remember 'The Bugaloos'. I am extremely flattered and happy to hear from you with your kind words.

Take care,

Best wishes

Caroline Ellis

Another letter from Caroline "Joy" Ellis

January 24, 1998                    

Dear Bill,

      Thank you so much for your lovely letter. I'm absolutely amazed all the interest that's being given to the 'Bugaloos' once again. Of course, I'm very pleased as I wonderful memories of that time. I enjoyed very much making the series and album, though I don't have all the episodes on tape, the ones I do have are occasionally enjoyed by my daugher, Sasha, who is eleven years of age.

      As you already know, I now live in Spain with my daughter. The Californian climate spoilt me! I prefer the sun and heat to the British cold and damp!

      I speak with Wayne every now and then. I believe 'big John' lives in Arizona while I've lost contact with 'little John'.

      From your letter, you say you are working on a compilation compact disc. Yes! I would love a copy if it's not too much trouble for you.

      Regarding your questions:

     Q: What is your favorite Bugaloos episode?
     A: My favorite episode was the first, as the song "Senses of Our World" was a pleasure to sing and perform. I think for entertainment, 'The Voice Swap' was good fun.

     Q: What is your favorite Bugaloos song?
     A: As 1. 'Senses of Our World'

     Q: What is your favorite Bugaloos memory?
     A: I have so many favorite memories, but seeing the pleasure it gave so many people is very rewarding.

     Q: Did you ever do any other singing besides "The Bugaloos", if so, where?
     A: Yes, I did alot of theatre work in England including "The Sound of Music", a Gershwin musical of the 1920's "Oh Kay", + several Christmas shows, + many comedy shows, theatre + T.V.

     Q: Did you get to keep anything from the Bugaloos? Joy's costume, perhaps?
     A: No, I never was able to keep the costume and I have no momentos unfortunately.

     Q: How did you meet your husband?
     A: I am now divorced, and have been for many years, but I met him through an actress/girlfriend of mine. He was not in show business.

     Q: Would you encourage your daughter to pursue acting or singing?
     A: If my daughter, Sasha, wishes to follow in my footsteps, I will help her as much as possible. Though I think it's important that she has a normal as possible upbringing.

     Q: What are your hobbies?
     A: My hobbies are horse riding, windsurfing, walking with my daughter + dog on unspoilt beaches. Plus of course, theatre and music.

     Q: Do you ever visit the states?
     A: I returned the year after filming "The Bugaloos" for a month's holiday to visit friends. One day, I would like to take Sasha to Disneyland. It's wonderful.

      'The Rocky Horror Show' has been playing in England at different theatres over the years. I expect you enjoyed it enormously. The thrill you get from a live audience has to be the best feeling in the world as you have probably experienced. Keep enjoying it.

      I miss 'show business' so very much. Maybe I'll return to acting one day.

      Unfortunately, I'm not on Internet here so I can't keep up with the interest in the Bugaloos, but my brother, Tony, is forwarding any information to me. So you can contact him if you wish..

      I decided to write, by hand, so I hope you can read my letter O.K.? As you said, it's more personal.

      Thank you again for your letter, and please forward my best wishes to all those friends of 'The Bugaloos' on Internet.

      Maybe, one day, there will be an invitation to the Bugaloos to return for 'old times sake'! That would be fun!

Anyway, take care,

    Best wishes

  Caroline 'Joy' Ellis

Happy Birthday to Caroline "Joy" Ellis!!
(October 12, 1999)

As the Bugaloo who turned 16 in our living rooms, no true Bugaloos fan could ever forget Caroline "Joy" Ellis' birthday on October the 12th. With a smattering of birthday greetings from the Chat Board in my hand, I called Caroline Ellis to relay the birthday wishes from her various fans...

Folks, there's really no words to describe actually talking to Caroline. I certainly hope I didn't come out too tounge-tied. Our conversation was short, but very sweet. It's not an interview, so there's really no transcript. I have a few short excerpts from our chat, which you may download in either WAV or MP3 formats:

Greetings from Caroline Ellis WAV (732k) MP3 (133k)
Caroline's Birthday WAV (381k) MP3 (70k)
Caroline on The Bugaloos WAV (1247k) MP3 (226k)
Caroline's Closing Comments WAV (1244k) MP3 (225k)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed hearing from Caroline as much as I did. She truly sounds incredible, as if she was doing the Bugaloos just yesterday. We can only hope that a reunion does indeed happen someday. Check out John "I.Q." McIndoe's movie, Mates, for more info.

Seasons Greetings from Caroline "Joy" Ellis!!
(December 12, 1999)

I managed to place a quick call to all four Bugaloos, and they all had warm greetings for all us fans on the web.

Here's what Caroline had to say to us all for Christmas 1999:

Seasons Greetings from Caroline WAV (321k) MP3 (59k)

Be sure to check out the rest of the sound bytes!!

Postcards from Caroline "Joy" Ellis!!
(May 16, 2000)

Despite it being ~30 years since The Bugaloos, it's wonderful that the cast can find the time to respond to some of the letters from their long-time fans. I'm told Caroline has begun sending hers back using a special postcard design: Although I do not personally have one of these (I haven't written Caroline an actual letter in a while), Jim Kingman was nice enough to send me a scan of his and I thought I'd share. :-)

Happy Birthday to Caroline "Joy" Ellis!!
(October 12, 2000)

Caroline's birthday this year turned into a new project for Bugaloos fans!! Craig C. came up with the idea of sending not only cards, letters and wishes, but why not an actual video of us???

Although not everybody managed to get a video in, we did get a handful of submissions and produced quite an impressive (IMHO) birthday video for Caroline (and Sasha). For those that didn't get a video in, we still sent the usual Email greetings to her as well ... here's what our favorite Pink Butterfly had to say:

October 12, 2000

Dear Bill,

Thankyou for passing on all the Birthday wishes. I hope you had a great time in Las Vegas.

Can you pass this message on for me to everyone.

Dear Tami, Ross, Denny, Matt, Craig, Sandy, Jo Ann/Courage/Seiko/Miko/Melvin/Reiko, Jasmine, all the friends of the Bugaloos, and especially of course, Bill.

Thankyou so much for all your kind Birthday wishes. I'm looking forward to seeing your video! You've all been busy by the sounds of it!

Matt, just to let you know I didn't quit singing after the Bugaloos. I appeared in several musicals in the British theatre. And did a lot of comedy both on British TV and the stage. I only stopped when my daughter, Sasha, was born. She is now 14, and has a very pretty singing voice which she wants to improve so that maybe she can be a professional singer when she is a bit older.

I like all types of music. I especially like George Michael and Alejandro Sanz.

Thankyou once again for all you lovely Birthday messages. A special thankyou for Bill for making it possible for all the Bugaloo fans to be able to get together. :-)

Best wishes,

Caroline 'Joy' Ellis

October 29, 2000

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your E-mail. and when you have a moment if you can also say thankyou to Linda and her daughter, Jim, Bryan, Denny, Jayson and Angela for all the birthday wishes.

Now, about the video! I didn't realise you were all so good looking! It's lovely to see all your faces. You always had the advantage in so much that you knew what I looked like but I didn't know how you all looked! I have to say that I am very impressed. You all look wonderful. You all went to so much trouble it was really great! It was also interesting to see places in Hollywood, it brought back lots of memories. Sasha now keeps asking can we go to Disneyland in California.

Thankyou all of you.

Best wishes,


If you'd like to see a bit of the birthday video, a couple of short clips are available, here.

A newer picture of Caroline "Joy" Ellis!!
(March 16, 2004)

This photo was forwarded to me by Mike Vidal ... however, I understand that several Bugaloos fans have recieved one after writing a letter to Caroline.
Thanks again Mike, for sharing this picture with us!!

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