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The Bugaloo Buggy

Last Updated: March 6, 2003

Whatever Happened to the Bugaloo Buggy???

The Bugaloo Buggy was one of the most fanciful, colorful cars in television history, and was built by Barris Kustom Kars ... known for making numerous famous vehicles for Hollywood.

The actual whereabouts of the car are unknown, but it is expected that it was sold to a collector. With any luck, we will be able to track it down someday.

For the moment, Barris Kustom Kars has provided us with a veritable treasure trove of pictures of the Bugaloo Buggy: If you note in Bugaloos Toys, there is also a shot of the Bugaloo Bike (see separate page), and even a sky surfing board.   

Updated: March 6, 2003

The Bugaloos Buggy has been found!!

I was recently contacted by a man named Marc Seriau regarding the Bugaloo Buggy. It is apparently located in France and believe it or not, it may actually be for sale!!

Apparently, the Bugaloos Buggy was purchased by a collector from a Barris Auction in 1983. The car is said to have come directly from L.A., and spent some time in a Spanish museum. After that, the buggy was sold to another collector in 1990, and was placed in underground storage in 1993 where it remains today. Nobody has driven the car as long as it has been in Europe.

The current owner is Jay Ohrberg. I am told that the buggy is part of his collection, but that it might be available for sale, if someone is interested. The asking price is at least $10,000 ... not including shipping.

Here's a couple of pictures that were sent: Marc also put together his own website regarding the various Barris vehicles:

The Bugaloos Buggy is on one of the pages in there, in French. I translated the text next to it, which reads:

    Still a mythical series (in the USA) for which Barris built the car
    (end of 1969)! In fact, it is about "simple" a buggy provided with
    wings with insect, two propellers to the back and a saddlery in the
    shape of sheets, as well as many gadgets (4 telephones of different
    colors, double antenna, etc...). That is explained by the fact why
    the actors of this series intended for young people carried wings on
    the back and of the antennas on the head... There were several built
    cars, with alternatives concerning the colors of body, rims, the
    wings, the antennas, etc... In the same way, one will notice at
    least a specimen not having the warning signal of jalopy but
    aluminium protections of the nose gear and a chrome windshield.

We are certainly hoping that someone will bring the Bugaloos Buggy back to the USA. If you are interested in purchasing the car, please contact Marc Seriau directly at <marc.seriau@wanadoo.fr>.

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