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The Bugaloos Mansion

Whatever Happened to the Bugaloos Mansion???

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a man named Robert Stone. He was interested in looking up the Bugaloos Mansion. I gave him what information I had, but no such address actually existed.

Thankfully, Robert would not be deterred. He went and did some serious digging and found a lot of information, and then drove down the street and took some pictures: The Bugaloos Mansion is located at 4519 Cockerham Drive, in Loz Feliz, CA. At the moment, it appears the property is being used for a movie shoot, codenamed "Stardust".

Note that the street address may have changed once or twice over the years ... however, Robert says that this is the only mansion-style structure on Cockerham Drive, and that the rest of the properties look like regular houses. Also, the people working the movie shoot confirmed that this was indeed the mansion used for the Bugaloos.

That's all the information I have, I have not had an opportunity to pay a visit myself. If/when I do, I'll let you know.  

My thanks again to Robert for sharing his research with me, and allowing me to post it here. Robert Stone is currently working on a book that is not directly related to the Bugaloos. When I have more information on it, I will update this page.

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