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Wayne "Harmony" Laryea

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Whatever Happened to Wayne Laryea???

The question on all our lips, "What Happened to the Bugaloos?", finally has its fourth answer. I've spoken, briefly, with Wayne "Harmony" Laryea. He apparently keeps very busy, so at the moment, we do not have an official interview with him. I did have a nice chat with him, and updated him on what's going on with the Bugaloos show on TV Land, the Krofft Seminar and John McIndoe's new movie, Mates.

Wayne may not have had enough time to conduct an interview, but he was kind enough to send along a greeting:

Greetings from Wayne WAV (1102k) MP3 (200k)

In addition, we talked about a few things regarding the show, including the following Bugaloos memory:

You should have seen people's faces when we came out of hotels with wings on. We were in San Francisco and it was being picketed by demonstrators ... this was 71-72, I don't know what the demonstrations were about. The police were surrounding quite a famous hotel on Nob Hill and the view from the hotel was sensational over the bay and Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Anyway ... shocker with cops, with policmen, and they were protesting some President was staying at the hotel ... and we came out of the hotel and everybody, it just broke the tension ... cause, these four kids with wings ... it's like hang on, am I seeing this for real ... and the cops cracked up, and the demonstrators cracked up. It was a great moment.

As it is, I've faxed Wayne a set of questions and we'll hope his schedule lets up enough to respond to them. We'll let you know as soon as he does!!

As always, if you have Fan Mail for Wayne, you may always forward it to me in Email, and I will see to it that he gets it.

Seasons Greetings from Wayne "Harmony" Laryea!!
(December 12, 1999)

I managed to place a quick call to all four Bugaloos, and they all had warm greetings for all us fans on the web.

Here's what Wayne had to say to us all for Christmas 1999:

Seasons Greetings from Wayne WAV (392k) MP3 (71k)

Be sure to check out the rest of the sound bytes!!

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