T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

The Bugaloo Bike

Whatever Happened to the Bugaloo Bike???

What DID happen to the Bugaloo Bike? It was apparently created at about the same time as the Bugaloo Buggy, and yet it never appeared in the series. Granted, the Bugaloos were more commonly "In the Air and Everywhere" ... but it still seems a bit odd to build a whole prop, and yet never use it.

Once again, the Bugaloo Bike was built by the folks down at Barris Kustom Kars, who were nice enough to scan these photos for us: Once again, presumably the bike was eventually sold to a collector. I have not had a chance to speak to George Barris in person about it, but if we discover its whereabouts, we'll be sure to post it here!!

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