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Branch Library

Welcome to the Branch Library. Here we have a small collection of Bugaloos-related paraphenalia. The older books tell us about the making of the Bugaloos, how the show was picked, and who our favorite characters are in real life. This collection will grow as we find more stuff.

The newer books are still in print and orderable from various services. You can click on them for more information.

Books: Articles: Miscellaneous Bugaloos Clips:   The above clips were purchased off of E-Bay, so I don't have an exact source, sorry.

Looking for more? Sandy "Star" Johnston has numerous articles and interviews with the Bugaloos as well as weekly posted chapters from two of the Bugaloos novels, and a page from the Bugaloos Coloring Book!!!

Fly Away With Us

The Coloring Book can be found under "Collectibles".

All the other reading goodies can be found under "Rock City Library".

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