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Tranquility Forest in the Wall Street Journal

Hi folks, back in September, a gentleman contacted me about an interview for the Wall Street Journal. I'm pleased to say that the article was published on December 6, 1999, on page 43 of the special section devoted to the Internet.

Although we spoke at length, about a variety of Krofft-related items, my interview was part of a larger article, and in reality, our chat was boiled down to a quick two paragraphs:

Bill Ung, a 30-year old software engineer in Huntington Beach, Calif., last year created a site devoted to "The Bugaloos," a children's TV show broadcast for just one year, in 1970. Starting with his childhood memories and a few pictures, Mr. Ung created the bugaloos.com site to develop some skills in Web programming. "They were definately one of my favorite shows," he says, "I remember as a kid, I would sit by the television set with my little cassette recorder and tape the songs when they came on."

More than 36,000 hits later, Mr. Ung has added sound and interviews with the show's cast, who were British teenagers imported to Hollywood during its short run. Coming soon, he promises, are video clips.

Two paragraphs in the Wall Street Journal about a Bugaloos website? Will wonders never cease!! :-)

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