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Here's the original review of "The Bugaloos" Album, by Billboard Magazine:

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Album: Bugaloos
Producer(s): none listed
Capitol SW 621 (S)
Genre: POP
Originally reviewed for week ending 11/28/70

The Saturday morning NBC-TV "Bugaloos" has a sprightly first album which, in addition to the weekly TV exposure, should profit commercially by high quality. "If You Become a Bugaloo" and "The Bugaloos" theme, which frame the other numbers, sparkle. The Bugaloos vocally blend with delightful results. "Older Woman" and "Castles in the Air" are among the nine other charmers.

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Original link: http://www.billboard.com/reviews/afreviewdisplay.asp?artist=BUGALOOS+&title=Bugaloos

Although the Bugaloos never charted in the "Hot 100", Billboard Magazine also charts singles that are "Bubbling Under the Hot 100", and the Bugaloos single, "For a Friend", landed on this chart: I'm not sure if the Bugaloos Album ever charted in the "Billboard 200" Album Chart, but it's nice to see that "For a Friend" made it in the top 200 singles, if only for a week.

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