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April 3, 1970

The following comes to us from David Stark, a man who was almost a Bugaloo (he was on the short list), but was eventually passed over for being "too tall". He also told me that he ran into John Philpott (Courage), a few years ago, who recognized him from a Bugaloos "launch" poster that was distributed here in the USA. The poster featured the four kids we know and love, surrounded by a handful of those unlucky applicants who didn't make the cut.

If anyone has seen such a poster, David is interested in obtaining one. I am, too (of course). :-)

Below, is a transcription of an article that ran in a British newspaper called "The Daily Sketch" on April 3, 1970. Oddly enough, this article does not mention any of the four who actually made it to become Bugaloos. Perhaps it was too early on. David was nice enough to fax a copy to me. There is a link to a scan of the newspaper, at the end of this page.



Story: Nigel Benson, Pictures: Monty Fresco

Everyone wants to be a Bugaloo. Hundreds of readers seeking to become the super stars of the Seventies swamped the Sketch office yesterday with letters and pictures.

Last night, Hollywood producer Marty Krofft, who is seeking four unknown readers to form a new pop group called The Bugaloos, said: "It's quite unbelievable. Everyone wants to be one."

After hectic all-day auditions in London, Marty's team then sifted through yet more Sketch letters -- and another 12 readers were being contacted last night.

The Bugaloos (say it: bugle-oos) have already been signed for a five-year recording contract worth an initial one million dollars plus a two-year, coast-to-coast zany TV show on NBC in America.
    £1,000 a week
They will have a guaranteed income of £1,000 a week each.

Marty -- who is being joined in London today by his brother, Sid, to help in the search -- wants a girl and three boys, aged between 18 and 21, for his group.

And yesterday at informal auditions in London for batches of 25 hopefuls, Marty got a glimpse of British talent.

Sketch reader Michael Shearing, aged 18, of Greenvale-road, Eltham, London, had Marty chuckling with laughter at his humour.

"This kid's funny -- really funny," he said, "I want to see more of him."

Dancer Vicki Michelle, aged 19, and her 18-year old sister Ann, of Tomswood-road Chigwell, Essex, were another two who spotted the chance for stardom in the Sketch.

Vicki said: "Marty is great to audition for. We are keeping our fingers crossed."

David Stark, of Jesmond-way, Stanmore, Middlesex, was another short-listed by the Krofft team.

Vinka Lawal, aged 18, of Albany-street, Greenwich, a clerical officer who was born within the sound of Bow Bells, was also in with a good chance.

Pretty Polly Parkins, a 19-year old dancer of Ashford-road, Staines, said: "I'll never be able to thank the Sketch enough if I get the chance."
If you want to join the Bugaloo search, write immediately to Marty Krofft, Super-Star Chance, Daily Sketch, New Carmelle House, London, E.C.4.

Enclose full details, a photograph and, if possible, a telephone number.

If you want the picture returned, enclose a stamped-addressed envelope.

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