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"The Bugaloos" on TV Land

Last Updated: 01/17/2000

On July 11, 1999, TV Land began running "The Bugaloos" and "Land of the Lost", as part of their "Super Retrovision Saturdaze!!" To our dismay, they only played Episodes 1-6 and 8, skipping 7, then starting over again.

We were told that they did not actually have the rights to all of the episodes, but that they were working on it; though it was a long and complicated process.

Unfortunately, they apparently never worked that out. TV Land ended their "Super Retrovision Saturdaze" lineup at the end of 1999, and with it went the entire lineup, including our friends, the Bugaloos.

Well, six months on TV is better than nothing at all, I suppose. Perhaps if they decide to try "Super Retrovision Saturdaze" again someday, they'll be able to get the rest of the Bugaloos episodes for us.

Thanks to "Hurricane Mike" and "Orvo Davis" for the news tips.

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