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"We're in the Air and Everywhere..."

"The Bugaloos" originally hit the airwaves back in 1970, and came from the highly creative minds of Sid and Marty Krofft. The Krofft brothers are well known for providing high quality children's television in the 1970s. The Bugaloos was the second show, in their wide and varied library.

The Bugaloos was a show about four musically-adept, teenaged kids, living in "Tranquility Forest", along with their friend, Sparky the Firefly. Tranquility Forest was located about 10 miles outside of "Rock City", where Peter Platter spun records at Kook Radio. Rock City was located in "Rock Land", which was also the home of Benita Bizarre (nemesis to the Bugaloos) who lived in a huge jukebox, and was forever trying to find a way to get her records played on Kook Radio.

This is my tribute to one of my most favored shows from my youth. There are 17 total episodes. Each episode has its own episode-specific page, including summaries, song lyrics, episode-specific images, sound bytes, and occasional tid-bits of information.

Episode 15, "Circus Time at Benita's", also has a show transcript.

And now, the episodes ... enjoy!

The Bugaloos Episode Guide:

I have recently added Writers, Directors and Original Air Dates to each individual episode.

Sound bytes are now available for all episodes. You can see them here, or on the Sound Page.

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