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Welcome to the Tranquility Forest Sound Vault!! Although the Bugaloos are probably best known for their musical talents, there are certainly any number of notable-quotables in the indivdual episodes themselves. This page will serve to highlight the collection of those neat little sound bytes.

If you're surfing in from the Sound Ring, and you've never met the Bugaloos before, you may wish to start on the main page.

"Firefly, Light My Fire"
Episode #1

Benita: "Go Funky Rat, go, go!!"40k
Bluebell: "I just got an urgent message from the Grapevine"76k
I.Q.: "Welcome to Tranquility Forest"35k
Joy: "If you don't believe in yourself, you can't expect anyone else to"83k
Harmony: "Let's hit that groove, darlin'"35k
Benita: "Love that bug!!"46k
Benita: "Peter Platter, the King of all Disc Jockeys"56k
Peter Platter: (Peter introduces a song)77k
Microphone: "Phooey, it's a bomb..."31k
Peter Platter: "Don't argue with the boss"29k

"The Great Voice Robbery"
Episode #2

Peter Platter: "Hang on to your kilocycles..."43k
Microphone: "Don't play it chief, please!! I can't stand violence!"70k
Benita: "Just for that, tonight you're going to bed without your cheese!"40k
Benita: (Benita tries out Joy's voice)65k
Harmony: "Tom Mix, what a fix!"62k
Courage: "We'd have been here a bit sooner, but the elevator's out of order"67k
Joy: "Don't look now but I think we've got a problem"61k
Courage: "I thought we'd never get that mess straightened out"43k

"Our Home is Our Hassle"
Episode #3

Peter Platter: "Quiet Skinny, I do the talking, you just listen"46k
Funky: "Mein leader, she's a genius!"50k
Nutty Bird: "Uh-Oh ... there goes the neighborhood"57k
Benita: "If I wanted a dirty mess like this, I could have stayed home"58k
Joy/Sparky: "I think they've been zapped..."89k
Sparky: (Sparky says a prayer)86k
Harmony: "Careful love, you could hurt someone with that!"45k
I.Q.: "Come on, you know violence isn't our bag!"43k
Woofer: "What was that?!"25k
Bugaloos: "We're the ghosts of the Bugaloos"102k

"Courage Come Home"
Episode #4

Bugaloos: (Courage introduces himself as Melvin)116k
Harmony: "It's weird as a beard..."32k
I.Q.: "I'm Fenmore..."98k
Joy: "My name is Fifi..."87k
Harmony: "I am Luigi..."97k
Benita: "Stand back Sonny and Cher..."80k
Joy/Harmony: "Benita's taking her beauty nap..."88k
Courage: "Tranquility Forest?"85k

"The Love Bugaloos"
Episode #5

Harmony: "Bugs don't get bugs"69k
Joy: "He's not sick, he's in love!"50k
Gina: (Gina greets Sparky)113k
Joy/Harmony: "Poor Sparky ... the last of the Red Hot Lovers"72k
Benita/Funky: "Veddy interesting ... but schneaky!"85k
Benita: "Are you off of your ratty rocker?"36k
Microphone: "Steady stomach, steady..."36k
Sparky: "Baby, light my fire!"47k

"If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo"
Episode #6

Benita: "I need the three of you like I need another nose!"45k
Funky: "What do you think a bat is...?"112k
Woofer/Tweeter/Funky: "It's Superboss!!"110k
Benita: "I'll give you a shot in the head..."35k
Benita: "I'd shoot myself but I'm not in season!!"50k
Funky: "Dat's mein schneaky leader!!"46k
Benita: (Benita prepares to operate)68k
Harmony: "Blimy, this is really a sticky-wicky..."45k
Harmony: "The old girl's gone balmy!!"71k
Benita: "What the Hey!!"17k
Woofer/Tweeter: (Woofer and Tweeter get short circuited)56k
Joy: "Just proves money won't buy happiness"47k

"Lady, You Don't Look Eighty"
Episode #7

Grapevine: "You can't keep a secret from a grapevine..."88k
I.Q.: "A gentleman should never tell a woman's age..."92k
Sparky: "She doesn't look a day over thirty!!"97k
Bluebell: "Honey, what are you getting so uptight about?"60k
Harmony: "Remember ... mum's the word..."64k
Funky: "I zapped the little firefly..."82k
Benita: "Sparky won't get any older"64k
Sparky: "Could I please have a snowcone?"101k
Joy: "It's a long, long way from May to September..."89k

"Benita the Beautiful"
Episode #8

Peter Platter: (Explaining the Beauty Contest)103k
Peter Platter: "Look out, it's Batty Benita"64k
Benita: "I'd flatten them but somebody beat me to it"39k
Joy: "Me? In a beauty contest...?"108k
Harmony: "A twinkle, twinkle, a flick chick, a movie star..."88k
Benita: (Benita tries her hand at acting)109k
Benita: (Benita contemplates cheating)163k
Magico: "Kissing the judge is a no-no!"98k
Joy: "We just came to root for Benita..."77k
Broom Hilda: "Not so fast, sveetie, the contest ain't over yet!!"75k

"Now You See 'em, Now You Don't"
Episode #9

Peter Platter: "Sorry chicky, but that's showbiz!!"45k
Flash: "You better believe it, baby"44k
Benita: "Oh Benita you're not only a dreamboat, you're a genius!!"72k
Sparky: "I won't sing with anybody but the Bugaloos..."71k
Benita: "What am I doing dancing with a rat?"67k
Magico: (Magico greets the Bugaloos)105k
Magico: (Magico pulls a 'whammy')93k
Joy: "Now I know what they mean by 'outta sight'!"43k
Peacock: "That was the strangest bunch of people I never met!"73k
Funky: "Oh, you buggy schvine are gonna get it!!"51k

"Help Wanted - Firefly"
Episode #10

Sparky: "No! I protest! You can't do this to me!!"78k
Sparky: "Roger! Wilco! It's as good as done!!"56k
Harmony: "Harvey Nickel, what a pickle!"38k
Microphone: (Peter Platter's microphone tells Benita off)63k
Peter Platter: "Hey Sparky, how's the little ball of fire today?"65k
Sparky: (Sparky applies for a job)67k
Benita: "Oh, I'm such a little devil!!"36k
Funky: "Pull the plug, schnell!!"108k
Peter Platter: (Peter introduces the #1 song)138k

"On a Clear Day"
Episode #11

Benita: (Benita scolding Funky Rat ... again)81k
Funky: "Everything is hunky dory mein leader!!"68k
Sparky: "Orange Smog?!"119k
Benita: "If I'm the Devil, why should a little smoke bother me?!"64k
Bugaloos: (The Bugaloos assess the smog situation)108k
Joy: "Look at poor Tranquility Forest..."77k
Harmony: "See? I'm not just a pretty face, ya know!"53k
Peter Platter: "Yeah well, Daddy-O, I'm dyin to see you play this thing!!"78k
Peacock: "A rock festival? Oh, I'm gonna get such a headache!!"89k
Benita: (Benita loses her Rock Festival)92k

"Today I'm a Firefly"
Episode #12

Woofer/Tweeter: "We were shrunk by the zapper!!"66k
Woofer/Tweeter: "Okay wise guy ... you're gonna get it!!"69k
Woofer/Tweeter: (Woofer and Tweeter trying to capture the Bugaloos)125k
Bugaloos: (The Bugaloos are shrunk)83k
Bluebell/Nutty Bird: (Trying to rescue the Bugaloos)138k
Sparky: "They can't do that to my pals..."74k
Sparky: (Sparky keeps Benita at bay)60k
Harmony: (Giving Benita some of her own medicine)89k
Benita: "What did you do to me?! I look like an ad for Little Women!!"66k
Sparky: "Today I am a Firefly..."147k

"The Bugaloos Bugaboo"
Episode #13

Sparky: "Did Gina Lola-Wattage write me?"56k
I.Q.: "Courage, your Playbug magazine"39k
Sparky: "Handsome? Maybe ... but talented? Phooey..."86k
Sparky/Courage: (Sparky takes a shot at songwriting)127k
Sparky: "Perhaps, I should take a holiday..."128k
Benita's Sound Meter: "Oh, I can't go on!!!"97k
Benita: "You're a rat after my own heart"33k
Benita: "J.W. Wooster, Hollywood Agent, Extraordinare!!"72k
Peter Platter: (Peter introduces Benita)152k

"Benita's Double Trouble"
Episode #14

IQ: (IQ, impersonating Benita Bizarre)80k
Harmony: (Harmony, impersonating Funky Rat)74k
Peter Platter: "You won't get away with this..."51k
Bugaloos: "Trouble with a capital T..."102k
Benita: "High diddly dee, a star soon I shall be..."64k
Benita: "Holy Humperdink!"19k
Joy: (Joy introduces IQ, as Benita)117k
Peacock: "Halt!! Who goes there?!"36k
Harmony: "Eliot Ness ... what a mess!"49k
Benita: "What's the matter with you? Somebody spike your birdseed??"61k

"Circus Time at Benita's"
Episode #15

Magico: (Magico hypnotizes Sparky)194k
Sparky: (Sparky, under Magico's spell -- #1)103k
Sparky: (Sparky, under Magico's spell -- #2)144k
Sparky: "Bein' brave really poops you out..."45k
Funky: (Funky Rat, under Magico's spell)96k
Woofer/Tweeter: (Woofer and Tweeter, under Magico's spell)186k
Bugaloos: "Greatest singer in the world?"102k
Joy: "Now that's what I call a captive audience!!"44k

"The Uptown 500"
Episode #16

Peter Platter: "Turn up your transistors..."109k
Joy: "We just ran into a road hazard named Benita Bizarre..."66k
Sparky: "I think I got a whiplash in my taillight!!"64k
Peter Platter: (Peter tells Benita she won't win the race...)207k
Funky Rat: (Funky prepares to sabotage the Bugaloos' buggy)83k
Funky Rat: "Now, you is as shnug as a bug in a rug!"100k
Benita: (Benita threatens the Bugaloos)118k

"The Good Old Days"
Episode #17

Funky Rat: "It's Wonderbarr!!!"41k
Benita's Crew: "No more Bugaloos!!"99k
Benita: "Read it and weep!!"15k
Harmony: "Garlic and glue (gloom?), what a stew!"63k
Sparky: (Sparky peers into the crystal ball)110k
Joy: "Just call me Madam Tania!!"63k
Joy: (Joy peers into the crystal ball -- #1)164k
Funky Rat: (Funky, the chauffeur)78k
Joy: (Joy peers into the crystal ball -- #2)163k

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