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Episode #12

"Today, I'm a Firefly"

Episode Summary:
Sparky is finally out flying on his own ... with somewhat limited success. The Bugaloos are trying to help, but Sparky has decided that he needs to do some things on his own, and takes off. Meanwhile, Benita Bizarre is reliving her "Sweet 16" by playing her cherished old music box ... that is, until Funky, Woofer and Tweeter manage to break it. Benita is furious, but they cannot fix it. Instead, they use the Zapper to shrink the Bugaloos down so that they can fit inside the box and play live music. They are trapped Sparky comes to their aid, flying, no less!!!

Written by: Jack Raymond
Directed by: Tony Charmoli
Original Airdate: October 24, 1970

Episode-Specific Pictures:

Episode-Specific Sound Bytes:

Woofer/Tweeter: "We were shrunk by the zapper!!"66k
Woofer/Tweeter: "Okay wise guy ... you're gonna get it!!"69k
Woofer/Tweeter: (Woofer and Tweeter trying to capture the Bugaloos)125k
Bugaloos: (The Bugaloos are shrunk)83k
Bluebell/Nutty Bird: (Trying to rescue the Bugaloos)138k
Sparky: "They can't do that to my pals..."74k
Sparky: (Sparky keeps Benita at bay)60k
Harmony: (Giving Benita some of her own medicine)89k
Benita: "What did you do to me?! I look like an ad for Little Women!!"66k
Sparky: "Today I am a Firefly..."147k

Additional Notes:
Unfortunately, there was no new song in this episode. Just a few splices of "If You Become a Bugaloo" and "For a Friend".

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