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Caroline's Birthday Video

This all started out as the idea of Craig C., who has been a long time fan of the Bugaloos, and has frequented the Krofft circles for many years now. He made the original announcement back in August on the Chat Board: In the day and age where most folks have access to a video camera, we thought it might be fun to send a different sort of greeting to the Bugaloos cast. With Caroline's birthday coming up soon, it seemed like a perfect time to try it!!

Although we did not get as many submissions as we had hoped (perhaps video cameras are more prevalent here in California?!), the finished product is quite endearing. It includes footage sent in from Denny Pine, Tami Ehrlich and Sandy Johnston, plus clips from Craig C. and myself ... and also some shots from familiar places in the Los Angeles area, notably Hollywood and Disneyland.  

As much as we would love to share the whole tape with you (total running time is about 30 minutes), the large filesizes would be prohibitive. We have produced two video clips that you can download here on the web, and even those are fairly large: Thanks to everyone who sent in a clip, a warm greeting or encouragement on the project. We'll still be sending Caroline the usual birthday greetings on October 12th ... so if you would like to send in a note, please send an Email or post something on the Chat Board.

If you are truly interested in seeing the finished videotape, please drop me an Email as well. I don't personally have the time to handle this, but somehow we will find a way to make copies available.

PS: To play MPEG files, we recommend Windows Media Player.

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