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The Bugaloos: The Complete Series on DVD

Last Updated: May 25, 2006

Lift your wings and help us bring a little happiness...

News on the wire is that the Bugaloos are coming to DVD, courtesy of Rhino Home Video!! The tentative street date is February 2006. We are currently in talks to work out the content of the DVD box set, including interviews with the original Bugaloos cast!! Stay tuned for more details...

An official press release will hopefully be ready soon. I will also post updates as more information becomes available.

Update: January 7, 2006:

John "Courage" Philpott sends us a picture from the Rhino Bugaloo interview and voice over, etc. (bonus materials for the DVD), which took place at Goldcrest Post Productions in London, on November 17th, 2005.

Pictured from left to right: Andy sound technician, Ethel Davies Interviewer, JohnP, Caroline and Sasha. This picture was taken with Little John's phone camera. Thanks John, it is much appreciated!!

Update: January 16, 2006:

Rhino Home Video has released a Bugaloos Sampler DVD, featuring three Bugaloos episodes. The DVDs were part of a general Krofft promotion, and were available at Trans World International stores (ie: Coconuts, Wherehouse, etc.)

Here are some shots of the artwork on the box:

Front Cover / Spine

Back Cover

Disc Artwork

The episodes included are "Firefly, Light My Fire", "Courage, Come Home" and "The Uptown 500". Note that this sampler DVD lists "The Uptown 500" as episode #11. This is because that was the 11th episode according to the original air dates. The production number for that episode is #16, which is how I have it listed on this site. Since most releases of the Bugaloos have been according to production number, the actual Bugaloos DVD Box set will use the production number ordering.

Update: March 16, 2006:

The latest word from Rhino Home Video is that the Bugaloos DVD Box Set is scheduled for release on May 23rd, 2006.

The confirmed extras that will be included on the DVDs are:
  • Interviews and commentaries with Caroline Ellis, John Philpott and John McIndoe
  • Commentary on the first episode with Sid Krofft and Tony Charmoli
  • Photo gallery (thanks to Sandy and myself)
  • Bugaloos I.Q. test, hosted by I.Q. himself (thanks to Tami)
  • Bugaloos video jukebox (so that you can access just the songs)
Here is what the cover of the Bugaloos DVD box set will look like::

Bugaloos DVD Front Cover

That's all the news I have for the moment. I will post the official press release when it is ready.

Update: April 25, 2006:

The Bugaloos DVD release is starting to ramp up!!

On May 22, in NYC, the Makor (part of the 92nd St. Y) will present an evening with Sid & Marty Krofft. It will be a moderated event, with clips and Q&A, to help launch The Bugaloos box set.

Here's a link to the Makor website listing:
Wish I could go, it sounds like fun. If I can obtain pictures from the event, I will post them. If you plan to go, let me know.   

Update: May 2, 2006:

Bugaloos fans, Rhino has just sent me a pre-release DVD!! So here we go, I have gone ahead and scanned in the covers for your perusal...

Front Cover

Back Cover

Disc Contents

Inner Artwork

Click to enlarge

If you look closely at the back cover, you will find a "Thank You" to both Sandy and myself. Props to Rhino for being big enough to put together a project of this magnitude, and yet be cool enough to still remember the "little people". My thanks to them for listening to the fans, and letting us be a part of this effort.

Note: If you are having trouble reading the disc contents or the text on the back cover, you may click on those again for an even larger image.

That's all I have for the moment. I have taken a cursory glance at the discs, but have not had the opportunity to sit down and watch them yet (CRAIG!!!)

I will say that I think Rhino has done a wonderful job here, and that it is really great to finally have this series in DVD format.

I wish I could answer more questions about the contents of the discs, but I think it is only fair to leave a little mystery, and let Rhino present things to you as they would.

If you are a Bugaloos fan, you will need to own these discs. Keep watching that countdown...

Update: May 11, 2006:

Can't wait until May 23rd? Check this out...

In the 1970's, Saturday morning belonged to the goofy, trippy TV shows

of brothers Sid & Marty Krofft.

Come meet Marty Krofft!

Legendary producer of H.R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos, Land of the Lost,

Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and more!

At the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, NYC

Saturday morning (when else?)

May 20 at 11 a.m

**Get your copy of The Bugaloos: The Complete Series on
DVD before its official release date!**

Marty will sign autographs and chat about the shows you grew up with.

Coffee for moms and dads

Krofft coloring books for the kids and screenings of
Krofft shows for everyone!

So come and enjoy Saturday morning, 70's style!

Update: May 15, 2006:

Just a quick follow-up to "An Evening with Sid and Marty Krofft", posted on April 25th:

"We’ll be giving away the kind of prizes any Krofft fan would drool over, too: an H.R. Pufnstuf box set, a Sigmund and the Sea Monsters box set, a Lidsville box set and a Land of the Lost box set. The Land of the Lost set alone retails for $99.95. Come armed with esoteric Krofft knowledge next Monday if you want to bring home some free DVDs."

This news was reported to us by Andrew Krucoff, and is reflected on the main website here: You also get treated to a video clip of the Sigmund and the Sea Monsters theme song. Hopefully they'll get a Bugaloos clip up there, soon!!

Update: May 25, 2006:

Jordan from Rhino has sent me some pictures from the Makor event, "An Evening with Sid and Marty Krofft": Nice to know the Kroffts and the Bugaloos can still pack 'em in!!   

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