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The Bugaloos Teleconference #2

Last Updated: June 8th, 2004

So, how would you like to pick up the telephone and talk to the Bugaloos? Yup, it's time again for another Bugaloos Teleconference!!

A gentleman by the name of Mark Jackson is the CEO of the fifth largest Teleconferencing company in the U.S. ... and he's also a Bugaloos fan!

Mark had the idea of getting the Bugaloos cast and fans together, and has volunteered the services of his company, http://www.moreson.com/ to host a free Bugaloos teleconference. The first teleconference was held in November of 2002, and we are now planning to host the second one!!

The next teleconference will take place on Sunday, June 13th at 5pm GMT ... which translates into 9am (Pacific Time), 10am (Mountain Time), 11am (Central Time) or 12noon (Eastern Time). We shifted the time a little to try and make things not run so late for folks in Europe. The guest list is still being worked on, but last time we had the entire Bugaloos cast with us. We'll keep you posted as we get confirmations from the cast members.

Again, all you will need is a telephone to participate. You are welcome to join the discussion, or just listen. I believe there will also be a listen-only option available via the Internet. More details will be posted, soon.

Stay tuned for all the latest!! Thanks again to Mark and Moreson Conferencing for their very generous offer!!

Latest Update: April 28, 2004

So far, I have confirmations that Van Snowden (Tweeter), John Philpott (Courage) and Caroline Ellis (Joy) will be joining us!! I will do my best to get in touch with the rest of the cast, I don't know how often they check their Email.

Latest Update: May 14th, 2004

Good news!! I just received confirmations from Joy Campbell McKenzie (Woofer) [Tentative] and John McIndoe (I.Q.). Still workin' on the rest, stay tuned...

Latest Update: May 24th, 2004

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that Walker Edmiston (Voice of Sparky) has signed on to join us on the teleconference. Unfortunately, Sharon Baird (Funky Rat) is busy that weekend, and is unavailable.

No word yet on Sid and Marty Krofft...

Latest Update: June 8th, 2004

Here are the access numbers for TR2 on Sunday.
    If you are in North America, dial 1-888-727-8686

    UK dial 020 7031 1958

    Netherlands dial (020) 7940998 (use the 020 if you are outside Amsterdam)

    France dial

    Germany dial (069) 5060-73670 (use the 069 if you are outside Frankfurt)

    Everywhere else needs to dial +303-928-2604 (US number).

    Use CONFERENCE ID 200 8885.
See you all there!!!

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