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The Bugaloos Teleconference

Last Updated: January 2, 2003

So, how would you like to participate in a Bugaloos Teleconference?

A gentleman by the name of Mark Jackson is the CEO of the fifth largest Teleconferencing company in the U.S. ... and he's also a Bugaloos fan!

Mark had the idea of getting the Bugaloos cast and fans together, and has volunteered the services of his company, http://www.moreson.com/ to host a free Bugaloos teleconference.

The exact details on this are still being worked on, but all you will need is a telephone to participate. We are planning to do this sometime in October or November. Thus far, I have already spoken to Big John and will be getting in touch with Little John, Wayne and Caroline, sometime soon. Hopefully we will have a more exact date in the near future.

Stay tuned for the latest details. Thanks a bunch to Mark and Moreson Conferencing for their very generous offer!!

Updated: October 7, 2002:

Just a quick update ... the proposed date/time for the Bugaloos Teleconference is Sunday, November 10th, at 8:00pm GMT. That would be 12:00 noon (Pacific Time), 1:00pm (Mountain Time), 2:00pm (Central Time), 3:00pm (Eastern Time) ... and should be 8:00pm in both London and Spain. This falls just past the changeover for Daylight Savings Time, so please take into account your local Daylight Savings adjustments.

So far, I have confirmed the date/time with Caroline "Joy" Ellis, John "Courage" Philpott and John "I.Q." McIndoe. I am still working on getting in touch with Wayne "Harmony" Laryea, and possibly getting Sid and Marty Krofft to join us, plus the other Bugaloos castmates: Sharon Baird, Joy Campbell and Van Snowden.

Updated: October 9, 2002:

Just added Sharon Baird (Funky Rat), Joy Campbell (Woofer) and Van Snowden (Tweeter) to the confirmed list for the Bugaloos Teleconference.   

Still trying to get in touch with Wayne "Harmony" Laryea, and hopefully Sid and Marty Krofft as well.

Updated: October 10, 2002:

I spoke to Wayne "Harmony" Laryea (who now goes by "Armartie") this morning and he is happy to join us in the Bugaloos Teleconference!!

That brings the confirmed list of celebrity guests to:
    Caroline Ellis (Joy)
    John Philpott (Courage)
    John McIndoe (I.Q.)
    Armartie Laryea (Harmony)
    Sharon Baird (Funky Rat)
    Joy Campbell (Woofer)
    Van Snowden (Tweeter)
No word yet on Sid and Marty Krofft ... please check back soon for further updates!!

Updated: October 24, 2002:

The official press release for the Bugaloos Teleconference has been released. Click here to view it.

Additionally, there is some new info on the joining the teleconference. Moreson Teleconferencing needs to know how many people will be participating, so that they can be sure they are adequately staffed for the call.

If you want to participate in the Bugaloos Teleconference, you must pre-register to receive the toll free call-in number. Send your name, location, email address ... any advanced questions you have for the Bugaloos cast members ... to bugaloos@moreson.com.

The pre-registration deadline is Thursday, November 7th. Additional information may be available in the press release.

Updated: Novmeber 7, 2002:

With the Bugaloos Teleconference only a few days away, we have added another guest: Walker Edmiston (the voice of Sparky) will be joining us on Sunday!!

Walker Edmiston provided a lot of the voices on the Bugaloos, as well as on numerous other Krofft shows. Today, he is the voice of the Keebler Elf, and was also the voice for the "Stater Bros." supermarket commercials, a few years ago. If you are a Land of the Lost fan, he played the semi-regular character "Enik", as well as an old miner in one of the other episodes.

You can read up a bit on Walker's career, here. He's actually not listed in the Bugaloos cast ... but I'll fix that up next week. :-)

Updated: January 2, 2003:

Whether you missed the Bugaloos Teleconference, or if you just wanted to relive those 3 1/2 hours of pure Bugaloos Bliss ... you can now purchase a copy of the Bugaloos Reunion Teleconference in a 3 CD set, from Moreson Teleconferencing.

If you want a set, please send your VISA or Mastercard number to Mike Tatum <mike@moreson.com> ... you should recieve your CD's in about 10 days.

The cost is $38.00 for the set. Please remember that any profits will go to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama (where Mark Jackson spent the first 2 years of his life in an oxygen tent).

Alternatively, there is a phone number you can call. 1-800-368-1977 xt. 209. This is Mike Tatum's number. Also, when you place the order, please include your credit card billing address, the name as it appears on the card, and the expiration date. Please call Mike during business hours (8 am -5pm Central time US).

You can also send a check to: Moreson Conferencing, 2901 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL 36106. Please mark it for "Bugaloos CD".

Last, Mark Jackson says: "I still want to thank you all for making the teleconference a success. I will be happy to do this again."

We'll be sure to keep you all posted on any future teleconferences!!

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