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Bugaloos cast members at Hollywood Collectors Show

Last Updated: November 8, 2001

For many years, the Hollywood Collectors Show has provided a venue for fans and stars to meet, get photos and autographs, or if you're lucky, just hang out. On October 7th, 2001 in North Hollywood, California ... I got to meet Van Snowden -- "Tweeter".

I was originally informed of the show by Bugaloo buddy, Craig, and we met up there around 2pm. Van Snowden had his table set up with an assortment of various Krofft merchandise, collectibles and rarities, as well as memorabilia from his many other works.

Between signing autographs for his fans, Van spent a little time chatting with Craig and myself. He actually remembered a lot about the show, and told us a few tidbits. For instance, he mentioned than when he wasn't playing "Tweeter", he was also the puppeteer behind the "Grapevine". He also said that aside from playing "Funky Rat", Sharon Baird also played "Peter Platter". Van also played "Pufnstuf" in the live show "Krofft Live At The Hollywood Bowl" ... and also at the Krofft Collectibles Auction back in 1998. As for the rest of the cast, he noted that the Bugaloos themselves were often on another set (possibly doing blue screen work) ... and that for the most part, they really weren't in that many scenes together. Probably the price you pay for being one of Benita's cronies.  

Although the Hollywood Collectors Show website also listed Sharon Baird -- "Funky Rat", Joy Campbell (Tentative) -- "Woofer" and Marty Krofft ... neither Sharon nor Joy made it, and Marty was apparently only there for an hour earlier that day. It was also rumored that John McIndoe (I.Q.) might pay a visit ... but he didn't make it out either.

On the plus side, we *did* get to hang out with Billie Hayes -- "Witchiepoo" from H.R. Pufnstuf ... who was also very nice and even remembers Craig and I from previous events.  

Anyway ... we took a handful of photos, and got an official autograph from Van, here are the pics: Van's biography is also available in text form, on his cast page.

The next Hollywood Collectors Show appears to be in January 2002 ... with any luck, some more Bugaloos cast members will come out of the woodwork. If you would like to join us, definately drop an Email.

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