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Krofft Entertainment Public Auction Pictures

Sunday, August 23rd, 1998

Last Updated: January 4, 2002

A once in a lifetime Hollywood memorabilia auction featuring Sid & Marty Krofft Puppets and Costumes was held in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, August 23rd, starting at 3pm. Hundreds of people were in attendance, as well as some well known Krofft stars such as Sid and Marty Krofft (of course), Billy Barty (Sparky), Billie Hayes (Witchiepoo), Philip Paley (Cha-Ka), and Van Snowden (Tweeter). I attended the auction along with Carrie Hall, Craig (CC007), and David Holifield and his wife. As promised, we took some pictures, so here they are!! The only item of "Bugaloos" interest was a "Sparky" costume head and gloves (see picture, above). This was not the Sparky costume from the TV series, even though it is listed in the Krofft Auction Catalog with a date of "1970". I'm not sure whether it was a prototype, or possibly used in one of the Krofft road shows.

The item is described as being 13" high, with an estimated auction value of $600-$800. This was, of course, before Billy Barty himself was asked to stand in as auctioneer for the "Sparky" costume piece. Billy Barty put on a highly entertaining performance as auctioneer, eventually bringing in a price of $1300 for the "Sparky" item, well over it's estimated value. :-)

Now, of course, a picture of this would have been nice, but I would have had to trample over a *lot* of people to get one. :-( Sooo ... someone else managed to snap a photo of this, please send Email. I'd love to include it here on the page. Thanks!!

Update: January 4, 2002

Special thanks go to Ross Plesset, who has furnished me with a videotape of Billy Barty auctioning off the Sparky costume piece!!

Here are a handful of new images from the auction: However, Billy Barty's true charm comes out when listening to the audio from the auction ... so here's an MP3: If you need a free MP3 player, check out WinAmp.

Finally, I have put together a transcript from the auction, which is available here: The transcript is a little rough, so it's probably worth reading the transcript while listening to the MP3 for the "full effect".  

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