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Frequently Asked Questions

Although I love to hear from Bugaloos fans, I also thought it might be faster for those who have relatively common questions, to simply answer them here. If you can't find your question here, certainly feel free to Email me!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: Do you have Bugaloos TV listings, or know when they're on the air?
    A: Sorry, the Bugaloos were on "TV Land" for the second half of 1999 and even then they only cycled through a handful of episodes. That's the last time we heard they were being broadcast.

    Q: Why don't you put the episodes back on the air?
    A: Sorry ... this is only a fan site, not an official "Bugaloos" site (check the links page for more Bugaloos sites!) It is unfortunately, not within my power to put the Bugaloos on the air.

    Q: Where can I find videotapes of the Bugaloos?
    A: Video tapes are presently available from Rhino Home video and Columbia House. Please visit the Merchandise page for more details.

    Q: Do you know what happened to the Bugaloos cast?
    A: Yes!! There's quite a lot of information on our buggy friends on the Cast Updates page.

    Q: Where can I write to the cast?
    A: You may send me anything via Email, or regular postal mail (please contact me first for postage rates) ... and I will see to it that it gets to them. Caroline's brother accepts her mail through an address in England (see Caroline's page).

    Q: Where can I find information on "Video Killed the Radio Star?"
    A: You're probably thinking of The Buggles, who's song "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the first video ever broadcast on MTV in 1981. To the best of my knowledge, the Bugaloos have never been on MTV.

    Q: Didn't Phyllis Diller play Benita Bizarre?
    A: Nope, Benita Bizarre was actually played by the one and only Martha Raye.

    Q: Do you know about other Krofft shows/actors/tapes?
    A: While I'm quite the fan of a lot of Krofft shows, my focus is primarily on the Bugaloos. You may wish to check out the Krofft Mailing List, or the "Krofft Superstars" Webring ... I'm sure someone can help you there.

    Q: Where can I find other Bugaloos fans?
    A: An entire world of Bugaloos fans are waiting for you on the Chat Board!!
I hope this list was helpful ... if it was not, please don't hesitate to Email me!

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