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Sparky becomes a Beanie

Last Updated: 03/26/2000

Well, the beanie craze has finally yielded something cool for us Krofft fans. That being eight different Krofft characters in beanie form!! The characters to be transformed are:
  • Mayor H.R. Pufnstuf
  • Witchiepoo
  • Sigmund the Sea Monster
  • Battie
  • Seymour the Spider
  • Cling
  • Clang
  • Sparky the Firefly
You can see get more info, see some photos, as well as place an order at these sites: In addition, the Krofft beanies are also available at "Spencers Gifts", though they are a bit cosmetically different.

The one from Spencers has hard plastic eyes with white irises and his hair is made of nicely woven copper yarn. The face is also made of slightly nicer material.

The elitedistribution.com version still has hard plastic eyes, but the irises are more of a copper color. His hair is bright orange, but is made of a puffy carpet-like material ... I guess like your average plush stuffed animal, but a touch more patchy/clumpy.

The hang tags are indeed different, but the differences are only where it posts information about the distribitor. The rest seems largely identical.

Otherwise, there doesn't appear to be much difference. I think I like the Spencers version a bit better, I think the hair is more accurate, and the white irises make the eyes stand out a bit better.

Updated: 03/26/2000

Now, originally we'd heard a rumor that the run was limited, and that not many were being made. Well, apparently, this rumor is false as other news has come forth on the positive end!
    Hugo Stevenson, Living Toys' president, told Toy Shop that distribution of toys - unveiled at Toy Fair in 1999 - has been expanded to include major toy outlets such as Toys R Us and K-B Toys.

    Production had been delayed on the 6-inch action figures ($8.99 retail), but the much-anticipated figures will arrive in stores like Toys R Us and K-B Toys in April. Characters consist of H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund the Sea Monster, Cling and Clang (sold as a set, but the price is the same), and Electra Woman. Cling and Clang (two pairs in each case of 12 figures) and Electra Woman (one in a case of 12) will prove the hardest to find for collectors, Stevenson said.

    Eight-inch plush ($8-9 each) consist of Pufnstuf, Sigmund, Witchiepoo, Stupid Bat, Seymour, Cling, Clang (sold separately this time), and Sparky from The Bugaloos. Previously available at select outlets like Spencer's Gifts, the plush toys will also arrive at stores like Toys R Us and K-B Toys in April, Stevenson said."

    Also of interest, an answer to a letter to the Editor of Toy Shop states that Toy Shop has received more calls and letters on the Krofft line than almost anything else they have ever featured!

    Special thanks to Sandy "Star" Johnston, for posting this information!
In addition, there are articles at ToyMania.com involving additional Krofft toys, plus the expansion of the existing beanie set (larger sizes for some characters) and some update packaging: Not sure if they'll be making bigger Sparky beanies or not ... best go and cast your vote!!

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