T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

Want more Bugaloos merchandise?

If you'd like to see more Bugaloos merchandise produced ... well, now is the time to make your voices known.

The good folks at Rhino Home Video have put a poll up on their site. Actually, it's primarily a registration form to watch the first H.R. Pufnstuf show on-line ... however, you have to answer a few questions first.

They ask what kinds of music you listen to, what sorts of Krofft Merchandise you are interested in, and most importantly, which Krofft Characters you'd like to see merchandised!!

The Bugaloos is one of the choices, so I highly encourage everyone to go and register, if nothing else than to checkmark "The Bugaloos" as many times as possible to let Rhino know just how many Bugaloos fans there are!! Vote often, and tell your friends!!

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