T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

The Bugaloos Album

What's this you say ... a Bugaloos Album??? Yes, with a show about four singing teenagers (and one Gna Gna Gna'ing Firefly), how could there not be an album? In addition to Bugaloos tunes, the album also includes some "true life" photos of our favorite Bugaloos cast, in their regular street clothes ... complete with autographs! Here are some shots of the album cover: Now what makes this album so special, you might ask? Well, for one, they didn't just grab the songs from the episodes and place them for sale, on vinyl. Instead, what we have are entirely new renditions of your favorite Bugaloos songs, never heard (in this form) in any episode. Not all songs performed in the episodes are included on the album, but the album does feature a track not found in any Bugaloos episode, "Just the Memory Stays Around". Trust me, it's worth it!!!

Here is a track listing of the album:
    Side One

      If You Become A Bugaloo
      The Senses Of Our World
      For A Friend
      It's New To You

    Side Two

      Fly Away With Us
      Older Woman
      Just The Memory Stays Around
      Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna
      Castles In The Air
      The Bugaloos
In addition to the album, a 7" 45 RPM single was released, as well as a Bugaloos EP, which contained six out of the eleven songs.

Special thanks to Sandy "Star" Johnston, for providing all sorts of helpful tidbits!

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