T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

The Bugaloos Single

In addition to the Bugaloos Album, there was also a Bugaloos EP, and a Bugaloos single. To the best of our knowledge, only one 7" 45 RPM single was released off the Album.

The single features "For a Friend" on Side A, and "The Senses of Our World" on Side B. Both versions are identical to the versions that were released on the album.

At the moment, we know the single was released in the U.S., Japan and France. There are known picture sleeves for Japan and France.

Here, I have the cover artwork from the French release, as well as the labels from the US release: Shots of the Japanese release can be found on "Fly Away With Us": While the labels suggest 0:10 and 0:12 seconds of "Intro", I had hoped for a verbal "Hi, we're the Bugaloos, and we hope you like our song" ... but alas, there was no such thing. I'm told it simply refers to the amount of musical "intro" before the singing starts ... so DJs know how long to talk. :-)

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