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Rhino Video to release Krofft Collection

Last Updated: 03/26/2000

Can it be? Is it real? Could it finally be happening? Yes, my friends, it appears the day has come. The Krofft Video Collection is presently being released in the United States by Rhino Home Video!!

Click here if you want to enter in Rhino's Krofft Trivia Contest. :-)

In May 1999, Rhino released "The World of Sid & Marty Krofft", a three-tape, six-hour collection of Krofft's most memorable programs!!

Programs/Episodes included in the May release are as follows:
  • Tape #1
    • H.R. Pufnstuf - "Book, Flute, & Candle"
    • The Bugaloos - "Benita's Double Trouble" (Ep #14)
    • Lidsville - "Take Me To Your Rabbit"
    • Sigmund And The Sea Monsters - "Trick Or Treat"

  • Tape #2
    • Land Of The Lost - "Skylons"
    • Far Out Space Nuts - "Birds Of A Feather"
    • The Lost Saucer - "Return To The Valley Of The Chickaphants"
    • Electra Woman And DynaGirl - "The Pharaoh"

  • Tape #3
    • Dr. Shrinker - "Slowly I Turn"
    • Wonderbug - "Maltese Gooneybird"
    • Magic Mongo - "Huli's Vacation"
    • Bigfoot And Wildboy - "Return Of The Vampire"
    • Pryor's Place - "Voyage To The Planet Of The Dumb"

    On July 20th, the first set of the individual collections will be released. They are:
    • The Bugaloos -- Vol. 1   (Cover Art)
      • "The Love Bugaloos" (Ep #5)

      • "If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo" (Ep #6)

    • Far Out Space Nuts -- Vol. 1
      • "Tower of Tagot"

      • "Secrets Of Hexagon"

    • H.R. Pufnstuf -- Vol. 1
      • "The Stand-In"

      • "The Golden Key"

    • H.R. Pufnstuf -- Vol. 2
      • "The Birthday Party"

      • "The Box Kite Kaper"

    • Land of the Lost -- Vol. 1
      • "The Stranger"

      • "Tag Team"

    • Land of the Lost -- Vol. 2
      • "The Search"

      • "The Paku Who Came to Dinner"

    • Lidsville -- Vol. 1
      • "Let's Hear It for Whizzo"

      • "Is There a Mayor in the House?"

    • Sigmund & the Sea Monsters -- Vol. 1
      • "Happy Birthdaze"

      • "The Nasty Nephew"

    • Sigmund & the Sea Monsters -- Vol. 2
      • "Monster Rock Festival"

      • "Ghoul School Days"

    Rhino Update: 10/29/1999

    Hi folks, we just heard that Rhino will be releasing another set of Krofft tapes in January 2000, including a second Bugaloos volume; and that all the new tapes will come with a special collectible beanie toy. :-)

    We're told that the Bugaloos tape will feature the following episodes: In addition, we have some artwork and beanie pics from the other Krofft tapes:
    • H.R. Pufnstuf -- Vol. 3   (Cover Art & Beanie Pic!)   
      • "You Can't Have Your Cake"

      • "Horse With The Golden Throat"
    • H.R. Pufnstuf -- Vol. 4   (Cover Art & Beanie Pic!)   
      • "Dinner For Two"

      • "Tooth For A Tooth"
    • Sigmund and the Sea Monsters -- Vol. 3   (Cover Art & Beanie Pic!)   
      • "The Curfew Shall Ring Tonight"

      • "Sweet Mama Redecorates"
    That's all I know for now ... however, if they keep this up, that means the next video should contain "Help Wanted - Firefly" (Ep #10), which has "Castles in the Air" on it. :-)

    Rhino Update: 03/26/2000

    Although no new Bugaloos tapes have been scheduled for release, other Krofft shows have made their way to new mediums. Sigmund & the Sea Monsters have been released on DVD, with their first volume containing four episodes:
      1. Happy Birthdaze
      2. The Nasty Nephew
      3. Monster Rock Festival
      4. Ghoul School Days
    In addition to the four episodes, the disc also includes "interviews", "rare photos" and a "slide show" (at least, according to the description given by Amazon.com.

    Next, we are told that H.R. Pufnstuf will be released on DVD in April as a boxed set containing All 17 Episodes!!

    That said, I was unable to locate any such information about this release on the Rhino website ... so maybe it really is just a rumor.

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