T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

Rhino Handmade presents "The Complete Bugaloos"

(Episodes 1 to 17 VHS Box Set)

Last Updated: March 5, 2002

Holy cow!! Our day has come, our ship has arrived, our dreams have come true!!

That's right, "Rhino Handmade" is releasing ALL 17 EPISODES of the Bugaloos in a limited edition (3,000 copies) VHS box set ... and, after numerous delays, has finally begun shipping!!

If you have an outstanding order, you may wish to call Rhino at (800) 574-8463 and verify that your order wasn't automatically cancelled by their computer ... apparently this happens when an order has been around for more than 60 days. It should only take a few minutes to reinstate your order, and I got mine less than a week after being placed on "priority back-order" ... of course, I live near in California, so your milage may vary.

Here are some quick pics of the boxed set: As for the overall quality ... well, it's stunning!! For the short term, I have updated all the images and sound clips for Episode #15, "Circus Time at Benita's", so swing over there to check out how nice the screen grabs have turned out.

I will probably update the rest of the screen grabs as time permits ... though I wouldn't expect this to occur very quickly...

Last, be sure to visit the Bugaloos Chat Board, where we will be discussing the episodes as we watch them ... 'cause you know, we're really just a bunch of big kids.   

If you need to place an order, details on the boxed set itself are available on the Rhino Homemade website: And yes, while it would be *much* nicer if they did a DVD release, hopefully one will appear someday. :-)

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