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The Bugaloos appear in the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Last Updated: January 4, 2002

Talk abut a blast from the past!!
    Macys is selling a new book celebrating the 75th anniversary of their Thanksgiving Day parade. The book features a photo from the 70s of the Bugaloos in their car in the parade! The book is called America's Parade.
The official title of the book is "LIFE: America's Parade" and I'm told the book retails for $29.95 ... but it can be found for a bit cheaper, depending on where you shop. Amazon.com is currently selling it for $20.96 ... click here if interested. There's also supposedly a softcover newsstand version that runs for about $10, but that one doesn't seem to be available online anywhere.

For the moment, I have yet to track down a copy of other version. Apparently, none of the stores out here in California think there's any interest in a parade that takes place on the other side of the nation. So ... mine's on order, and I'll have pics up when I get it.

In the meantime, I found these images related to the book, and am not sure which is the actual cover: I happened to be sending something to Caroline so I asked her about the parade, and this was her response:
    I remember it was a really exciting day, and afterwards, the Mamas and the Papas group phoned us to say they had seen it on the telly and congratulations. That was really nice as I had always liked their music.

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I hope everyone had a nice time.

I'll have more info once I get my book and can see what our other buggy friends remember about that day.   

Update: January 4, 2002

I ordered my book through Amazon.com and can say it is a fantastic book with a ton of pictures and history about the parade. My book has the cover from Image #1 (above) ... perhaps Image #2 is the softcover version.

The Bugaloos are pictured on page 138, and are at the start of the section devoted to the 1970s ... although they are only described as the "bumblebee car".

Here is a shot of the Bugaloos!! Additionally, Bugaloos fan Mike Vidal sends in the following:
    I was watching the day the Bugaloos appeared in the parade, and I thought you and all on the website would like to hear my recollection of it. They were only on camera for about 45 seconds and they sang ( For A Friend ) and it was the record LP version.

    Little John and Caroline were in the front seat of the Bugaloo buggy and Wayne and Big John in the back. I remember Caroline kept looking back at Wayne and John to see their reaction to the exitement.

Mike also says that video footage from that day *does* exist, but is apparently quite expensive to get it from the studios. Too bad, it would be very cool to see. If anyone has any connections and can help out, it would be much appreciated!!

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