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August 4, 1998

Well, the rumors about the Bugaloos being available on video in Australia are true!!! Through a friend, I acquired a four volume set, released by Cel Video in Australia, comprising the first eight Bugaloos episodes: Since Australia is on the PAL video standard (the US uses NTSC), I had to get the tapes converted. They are beautiful!! I have begun updating some of the screen grabs with higher quality images. You can see notable improvements in the screen grabs from Episode #1.

Also, so far, Cel Video has only released these first four videotapes. No word on if/when they'll release the other nine Bugaloos episodes, but based on past experience, it looks doubtful. :-(

I've also scanned in the covers of the videotapes:

Volume 1   |   Volume 2   |   Volume 3   |   Volume 4  ]

They're quite nice, even if the pictures on the box do not necessarily come from the episodes on the tape. :-)

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