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The Japanese Bugaloos CD

Updated: 05/24/2000

Yup, it's true!! A Bugaloos CD has just been released in Japan! This is an official pressing from a company called "Vivid Sound", and was manufactured by Toshiba-EMI LTD.

This new CD was apparently released on January 18, 2000 ... and contains the same 11 tracks as the Bugaloos Album:
    1) If You Become a Bugaloo
    2) The Senses of Our World
    3) For a Friend
    4) Believe
    5) It's New to You
    6) Fly Away With Us
    7) Older Woman
    8) Just the Memory Stays Around
    9) Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna
    10) Castles in the Air
    11) The Bugaloos (Theme Song)
Mine just arrived and one quick listen revealed startling clarity in the songs. No surface noise, no distortion ... and Joy's voice clear as a bell!! Okay, maybe the difference isn't that dramatic, but it was definately a step up from the vinyl.

In short, I'm wonderfully pleased with the disc. The disc was obviously made from a high quality master tape (good to know it's still around), and the artwork is nice, too.

Here's a few pics: Now unfortunately, like most "Import CDs", the price is fairly expensive. In addition, some of the sites that were offering the CD have changed (ie: Thoughtscape.com is closing its doors).

Here's a site you should be able to order it from: This site is mostly in Japanese, so you'll want to click on the "English" button, along the top of the screen. To save some time, you might wish to try this direct link: This site appears to list prices in Yen ... at the time of this writing (5/24/2000), the price was 2400 Yen, which converts to roughly $24.11 USD ... your milage may vary. :-)

Anyway, if you have the spare dough, I highly recommend getting this disc. If not, who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky and there'll be a US release someday.

PS: Thanks to Paul for the heads up on Thoughtscape.com, and Kunihiko for tracking down the latest vendor.

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