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Color Photos for Sale

Last Updated: May 19th, 2004

A while back, I paid a visit to Barris Kustom Kars, and obtained a variety of Bugaloos photos that are now available for sale!! The photos we currently have available are listed below ... click on the thumbnail if you would like to see a larger preview photo. All photos are 8"x10" color glossies.

Pricing for all shots is $15.00 per print. Shipping and handling costs are $6.00 (via US Priority Mail), for all US Residents. Please send E-Mail for International Shipping Rates (typically $14.00). Some of these prints may end up on E-Bay, but you will certainly do better here.  

Items are shipped from my personal inventory, and I will let you know if anything goes out-of-stock. Additional prints will be made available according to demand. Feel free to inquire about any "unavailable" items below ... this will help me gauge demand, and I can let you know if/when that item becomes available again.

You may make payments by Check, Money Order (preferred) or via PayPal. Checks must clear first (about 7-10 working days), Money Orders and PayPal orders will ship faster. Shipments are expected to be made about once a week...

Please send Checks or Money Orders to:
    Bill Ung
    8951 Rhine River Ave.
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708-5607
Also, enclose your preferred shipping address and your Email address, so I can let you know when your print(s) are on their way. :-)

If you would like to sign up for PayPal, please click here for more info.


(2 left)

(8 left)

(1 left)

Updated: November 17th, 2004

Hi folks ... we are down to the last few pics that are available. There are currently no plans to do another run, so get 'em while you can. All orders are subject to availability ... first come, first served. If I am out-of-stock, I will issue a refund, or let you select a different image.

All of the above numbers will hopefully be updated as often as possible. Feel free to
Email me in advance to reserve your items before sending in payment.

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