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For those of you wondering what else our Bugaloos friends have been in, you might be interested in this film, Wonderwall ... which featured a pre-Bugaloos Caroline Ellis!!

Rob McGill tipped me off that Rhino is releasing this film on DVD. You can find more info at their site, here. I'm told they are going to be putting some clips of the film on-line over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (from Thursday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 26th) ... so be sure to check 'em out!!

Now, I hate to dissapoint anyone, but here's what Caroline had to say about the film:
    The film "Wonderwall" was made when I was still at drama school. It was really just extra work, playing hockey or something, and filming all night long. I doubt whether you would even spot me. I don't think I've ever seen it myself. I can remember though that Oliver Reed was lovely and was reading us poetry in the canteen when we stopped for a break.
I'm not personally aware of how Oliver Reed is associated with the film, as the IMDB doesn't list him in the credits. Caroline probably knows more, but I haven't heard back from her yet (I'll let ya'll know). At any rate, it would appear this was not a prominent moment in Caroline's film career, but it may be worth a gander anyway.

Thanks again to Rob for the info!!

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