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What's your favorite Bugaloos Episode?
What's your favorite Bugaloos Episode?

    "Firefly, Light My Fire"
    "The Great Voice Robbery"
    "Our Home is Our Hassle"
    "Courage Come Home"
    "The Love Bugaloos"
    "If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo"
    "Lady, You Don't Look Eighty"
    "Benita the Beautiful"
    "Now You See 'em, Now You Don't"
    "Help Wanted - Firefly"
    "On a Clear Day"
    "Today I'm a Firefly"
    "The Bugaloos Bugaboo"
    "Benita's Double Trouble"
    "Circus Time at Benita's"
    "The Uptown 500"
    "The Good Old Days"

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