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The Bugaloos Lunchbox

The Bugaloos lunchbox is really a nice piece of work. Although it shares some of the offbeat artwork of the board game, the artwork on the front panel is actually quite good ... and fairly cute. :-)

There are rumors that a different Bugaloos lunchbox was released in Canada. I checked two sources who are "in the business", and they know of no such lunchbox. Chances are, it was the same lunchbox, but with a grey colored handle, instead of the yellow one on the U.S. release.

Here are a few pictures of the lunchbox. The top side is a little more involved, so that'll come later. I also don't presently own a thermos, so I don't have shots of that yet, either... The lunchbox itself isn't an incredibly hard find. There are several folks on the 'net who are in the business of selling lunchboxes, and they shouldn't have too much trouble locating one for you in reasonable shape.

Do be prepared to shell out $50 to $100 for one in nice shape, though. The lunchbox can be found, they're just not nearly as common as one might hope. The price, of course, reflects this.

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