T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

Bugaloos Promo Folder
(inside right cover, bottom)

    The Bugaloos Cast of Characters:

    Good Guys

    1. Harmony of the Bugaloos
    2. Courage of the Bugaloos
    3. Joy of the Bugaloos
    4. I.Q. of the Bugaloos
    5. Sparky Firefly
    6. The Grapevine-Bluebell Flower
    7. Scene from Tranquility Forest
    8. Harmony's Organ
    9. Courage's Drum Set

    Bad Guys

    10. Benita Bizarre
    11. Benita's Baroque Buggy
    12. Benita's Funky Rat Driver
    13. Entrance to Benita's Jukebox Penthouse
    14. Uptown Main Street
    15. Peter Platter -- D.J. for Radio Station K.O.O.K.
    16. Tweeter
    17. Woofer

    And much much more!

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