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The Animaniacs parody Krofft in comic book #30

Is Krofft gaining in popularity? At the very least, it appears to be showing up in some unusual places. The Animaniacs comic book series parodied the World of Sid and Marty Krofft in Issue #30, dated October 1997. It has emblazoned on the cover "ElectraWalter and DynaSquirrel", an obvious parody of "ElectraWoman and DynaGirl".

Inside we have two full-fledged parodies. The first half of the book chronicles the adventures of "ElectraWalter and Dyna Squirrel", and the second half follows the story of "The Warnerbugs", a Bugaloos parody.

Now the comic openly states "It's the eighth and last episode of "ElectraWalter and DynaSquirrel", but this is the only known Animaniacs comic to feature anything even remotely Krofft. In short, issue #30 is the only one you need to get. :-)

Here's a shot of the cover, as well as a shot of "The Warnerbugs": I'd consider posting the comic, page-by-page but remember that while most Bugaloos items are 25+ years old, this comic is very, very new, so it's not really fair to post it to the Internet (that, and there are likely a few legal entanglements).

Having said that, if you own the copyright of the above materials and have a problem with them being here, please Email me, and I will take the appropriate actions.

Last, the cover price of this comic book is $1.75. Given that it's no longer current (October ones come out in September, I believe), I had to pay a whopping $2.00 for mine. Hope you can afford it. :-)

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