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From Mark Heimback-Nielsen's collection of images
bought from the Fred Rice estate sale

November 14, 1970

These images were sent to me by Mark Heimback-Nielsen. They were obtained from Fred Rice's estate (moving) sale. Fred Rice was an executive at Capitol Records.

The first five images in this set are from a Bugaloos signing at that started at 4PM on Saturday November 14th, 1970 at Wards in the Winwood Shopping Center in Dallas, TX. These images are from 8x10 prints so the quality is pretty good. On the back of each of the prints there's stamped:

Graffic Enterprises Photography
14510 Cyprus Point

Mark writes, "I tried Googling the name but there are no listings. I GoogleEarthed the address and it's a residential area in Dallas."

The last two images are a mystery. They were in the Bugaloos materials but we don't see any of the cast on stage. Mark has included a full frame image and a blow up of the people on stage. If you recognize anyone, please let us know.

If you have any questions regarding this pics, you may send them to Mark at:

Thanks again to Mark for providing these pics!!

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Lo-Res (56K)

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