T h e   B u g a l o o s ! ! !

The Bugaloos on Cox Cable in Orange County

Updated news ... the Bugaloos will be returning to the "Retro Saturday Morning" lineup on Cox Cable, here in South Orange County, California. This is a local station only, so you need to be living in an area that carries this local programming.

The Bugaloos begin on May 1st. The last time they aired, they included some interviews with John "I.Q." McIndoe and Joy "Woofer" Campbell ... so if you are in the area, definately tune in and see if you can record these for us!!

Presumably, the Bugaloos will do the full 17-episode run, so if you haven't picked up the Bugaloos Box Set from Rhino Home Video, now would be a good time to tape them.  

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