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The Bugaloos Album on CD

Cherry Red Records reports that the Bugaloos Album is being released on CD!!

Syd & Marty Krofft’s enormously successful follow up to "Hr Pufnstuf" another wizard of oz style children's programme full of psychedelic metaphors and great music (Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel).

With a nod toward the contemporary success of Josie and The Pussycats and The Banana Splits (which placed a band at the centre of the story), and with insect wings that allow them to fly, The Bugaloos were a fake pop band of English bugs who live in Tranquility Forest (the last of the British colonies) along with their friend Sparky the firefly.

The Bugaloos theme was created by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel (who had completed ‘Barbarella’ and ‘Pufnstuf’ and would soon write the famous themes for 'Happy Days' and ‘Laverne and Shirley') with most of the other beautiful selections (including the hit 'Senses of Our World') penned by Hal Yoergler who also produced the soundtrack.

Touted as the British version of the Monkees, over 5000 aspiring Bugaloos auditioned to cast the four leads, each having to demonstrate aptitude in dance, singing, and acting. Apparently a young Phil Collins was amongst them, auditioning for the role of I.Q but failing to get the part.

If You Become A Bugaloo/ The Senses Of Our World/ For A Friend/ Believe/ It¹S New To You/ Fly Away With Us/ Older Woman/ Just The Memory Stays Around/ Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna/ Castles In The Air/ The Bugaloos

This is supposed to be a February release, and they appear to be taking pre-orders online. It is a British label.

They are apparently also releasing the Pufnstuf soundtrack on CD (featuring Jack Wild, Billie Hayes and Mama Cass).

Thanks to Brian Curtis for submitting this item!!

Mike Alway from Cherry Red Records was kind enough to send me a sample Bugaloos CD. Here are some shots of the artwork:

So how does it sound? It sounds FANTASTIC!! Crystal clear tracks, vibrant sound, no distortion. An absolutely top-notch release. Highly recommended!!

This item is listed with a March 14, 2006 release date at Amazon.com.

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