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"Your Day with the Bugaloos"
(aka "Come Home with the Bugaloos")

Tiger Beat Magazine

(December 1970)

Your day with the Bugaloos! Come along!

       Drive up the long, winding, red-brick driveway that leads you to a North Hollywood mansion where the zany, fun-loving, adorable Bugaloos live! Step straight up those two dozen steps and walk into a home that houses people who can guarantee you a glorious day you'll stow away as one of your favorite memories!

       Wayne greets you at the front door and makes this dramatic fainting fall as soon as he sees you. As he lies on the floor you quickly lean over him to see if he's all right. As you're leaning towards him, he breaks out laughing and says "You looked so pretty in your peasant dress and everything, the sudden exposure to great beauty was too much for my heart!"

       With those words, Wayne once again poses in the collapsed faint on the floor. As you stand there debating whether to help him up or look for help, Big John comes running down the stairs. He walks up to you and tells you in that marvelous British accent that he's been up since dawn awaiting your arrival. Both of you hear a low moan at your feet and without once looking at Wayne, Big John grabs Wayne's groping hand and helps him up.

       After the three of you finish laughing at the small-scale drama that has taken place, the boys formally introduce themselves. You have now met two of the energetic Bugaloos: Wayne and Big John.

Dancing Bugaloos

       A yawning Little John saunters down the long staircase asking what all the giggling is about. Wayne introduces you to Little John and he takes your hand and gives it a quick, light kiss.

       The four of you somehow wind up in the living room with the record player blasting out some of their favorite tunes. Then Caroline poops in out of nowhere, dancing to the heavy rock beat coming from the two large speakers.

       Without a word, Wayne jumps up and starts dancing with Caroline. Little John asks you to dance. And Big John grabs the two drum sticks lying on the coffee table and beats out the record's rhythm on the pillow that's on his lap.

       After the song, Wayne introduces you to Caroline. She welcomes you to their home and then announces "I'm starved!"

Cooking Breakfast

       The three boys run a mock race to the kitchen, and when you and Caroline arrive, each claims to have won the race! Caroline calmly asks who really won, and all three guys raise their hands! Caroline joyfully announces "Great! You three winners get to cook our breakfast!"

       While the boys clank around the kitchen trying to get eggs, sausages, toast, milk, jam, and other necessary breakfast foods ready, you and Caroline set the table. In a matter of minutes everyone is eating.

       But sitting around after a meal isn't something that is done around the Bugaloo home. Immediately after the last mouthful is swallowed, Big John suggests a trip down to the cellar is number one on their "things-we-have-to-show-our-guest-list". Everyone yells one loud echo of agreement!

Treasures in the Cellar

       The cellar is dark, creaky, musty, and exactly the way a spooky cellar is supposed to be. Of course, the boys help the spooky atmosphere by making strange noises and pretending to feel icy fingers in their necks!

       There are curious, small, wooden dolls scattered around the room that captures everyone's attention. Everyone examines the strange-looking olls and allows their imaginations to run wild! You begin to get a bit frightened!

       All of the sudden you hear running feet scraping against a bare cement floor! Big John pounces on a fake coffin and does his "Barnabas" imitation. Everyone shrieks with laughter and the scary mood is shattered. Everyone scrambles up the stairs and runs into the playroom!

Piano and Pool

       Little John jumps on the piano bench and starts pounding out a little tune. You and Caroline fix some "un-colas" at the snackbar. Wayne and Big John grab some pool cues and start yelling silly things like "seven, three, and four in the side pocket...at the same time!"

       All at once, Big John leaps up on the pool table and sprawls out. He opens his mouth and Wayne is going to hit the eight-ball into Big John's mouth! Little John wants to make sure Wayne doesn't miss, so he lines up the shot! You and Caroline are in the rooting section--"Come on Wayne, that's an easy shot!"

       Wayne pretends to wipe nervous sweat off his brow. He slowly bends over the pool table. Big John tries to overcome fake fear! Wayne gently tapes the eight-ball and--Bingo! He made it!

       Little John suggests that everyone go for a swim in the pool out back. Caroline offers to lend you one of her bathing suits.

Chow Time

       After two hours of swimming, everyone agrees that some lunch is absolutely essential. As if by magic, the maid appears pushing a large cart loaded down with all sorts of good things to eat.

       Big John fills a plate of food for you, and soon everyone is settled down with their plates of food. The warm sun, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly Bugaloos has made this a heavenly day!

       After everyone is just about dry after the swim and energetic enough after the lunch, all four Bugaloos are yelling for you to follow them. They've got something to show you!

Pride and Joy

       They lead you to a double garage, and they beam with pride and joy while they point to an old golf cart that they painted themselves. Everyone tumbles in for a ride around the courtyard.

       All of you are having so much fun riding and driving the golf cart that everyone forgets the time. But their secretary calls to them to remind the Bugaloos that they have an early evening appointment.

Come Again

       The five of you dash into the house to change into your street clothes. When you come downstairs, the four Bugaloos are waiting to say good-bye to you. You tell them that this day is one you'll remember for a long time. They tell you it's been one of the most fun days they've spent in Hollywood!

       Although all of you hate to see the day end, you have to say "so long," but before you leave all the Bugaloos invite you to return as soon as possible. You leave knowing that there are four very funny, wonderful friends who want you to come again!

Tiger Beat Magazine (December 1970)
Published by The Laufer Company

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