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Episode #15

"Circus Time at Benita's"

(A rough recollection)


SCENE 1: UPTOWN - OUTSIDE PETER PLATTER'S BOOTH (Peter Platter is in booth. A sign on the wall reads "The Amazing Circus" with a "canceled" label on it. Joy, Harmony, Courage, I.Q., and Sparky enter.)


JOY Oh no. The circus has been canceled.

PETER PLATTER Yeah. Isn't that a bummer?

I.Q. But why?

PETER PLATTER Benita laid a little bread on those cats so they wouldn't come to town.

COURAGE You mean she paid them not to come?


HARMONY Why that bloomin' old hag. She think she owns the bloomin' universe.

SPARKY Are we gonna let her get away with that?

COURAGE I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it, Sparky.

PETER PLATTER Well, the whole town is in the dumps.

I.Q. Wait. Maybe there is something we can do about it. Why don't we put on a little circus of our own?

COURAGE That's a rippin' idea.

JOY We can get Magico, the magician.

HARMONY Yeah! C'mon, mates.

(Joy, Harmony, Courage and I.Q. exit.)

SPARKY (to Peter Platter) If you see Benita Bizarre, you tell her not to try to wreck our circus.

(Benita Bizarre enters. Peter Platter can see her, but Sparky can't.)

PETER PLATTER Benita Bizarre!

SPARKY Yeah, that's who I'm talking about. I'll give her one right in her ugly kisser.

BENITA Oh will you?

SPARKY You bet I will! (Sparky turns around and registers that it's Benita talking.) Yikes!

(Sparky runs off stage.)




SCENE 2: TRANQUILLITY FOREST - BUGALOOS' PAD (Joy, Harmony, Courage, I.Q., Sparky, and Mr. Magico (see "Benita the Beautiful", "Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't") are standing in front of a chest filled with costumes and circus props.)


HARMONY (while picking up a top hat) I'll be the ring master.

JOY (while practicing a tight rope walk) I'll be queen of the high wire.

I.Q. And I'll be a clown.

MAGICO And I will astound the audience with my feats of magic and hypnotism.

COURAGE Hypnotism? Don't you think you should stick to your magic?

MAGICO Ha, ha, ha, no. In fact (while looking at Sparky) you, twinkle tail, shall be my assistant.

SPARKY Naw. It would never work.

MAGICO Then I shall hypnotize you into the bravest person in the world. (takes out a medallion) Keep your eye on the medallion. You are going into a trance. To and fro! To and fro...and off you go!

(Sparky remains standing still.)

HARMONY Is he alright?

MAGICO Shhhh. Sparky, you are the bravest person in the world. Now say 'I'm not afraid of anything. I'm brave, brave, brave.'

SPARKY (in trance) I'm not afraid of anything. I'm brave, brave, brave! (snapping into action) Alright! Who wants a fight? I'll clobber them!

HARMONY The old chap has tiger in his tank!

I.Q. If only Benita could see him now.

SPARKY That old bag has pushed me around long enough. Well, I'm gonna fix her wagon. Look out, Benita! Here comes Super Sparky!

(Sparky jumps into the air and flies away.)

MAGICO Look at the little glow worm go.

COURAGE Stop him.

MAGICO I can't. I can't fly.

JOY We can. What should we do?

MAGICO Just snap your fingers and he'll turn into a pussy cat again.

I.Q. C'mon, Bugaloos. Let's fly.


SCENE 3: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - PENTHOUSE (Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter are going about their usual business. Sparky lands on the balcony and enters.)


SPARKY Okay, Benita. I'm doing the pushing now!

(The Bugaloos land on the balcony, but don't enter immediately.)

I.Q. Let's rescue him.

(Harmony puts up his arm to stop I.Q. from entering the penthouse.)

HARMONY Let him live a little.

SPARKY (to Benita) Okay, sister. This town isn't big enough for the both of us. So I'm giving you one day to leave, or I'll get you like that!

(Sparky snaps his fingers. He comes out of the trance and stumbles a bit.)

SPARKY What am I doing here?

BENITA That's what I want to know.

(The Bugaloos rush into the penthouse and pull Sparky out.)

FUNKY RAT The Bugaloos!

BENITA All right, you buggy brats. What's going on?

JOY Magico the Magician hypnotized Sparky.

COURAGE He told him he was the bravest person in the world.

HARMONY He didn't mean any harm love.

I.Q. C'mon. Let's go.

(Joy, Courage, Harmony and I.Q. depart with Sparky. Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter begin to pursue.)

BENITA Let them go!

TWEETER Let them go?

WOOFER But Boss Boss...

BENITA If Magico can hypnotize that little firefly into a brave guy, why can't he make me the greatest singer in the world?

WOOFER Cause Magico hates you, Boss Boss.

BENITA Well, we'll get him to help me, or else.


SCENE 4: TRANQUILLITY FOREST - BUGALOOS' PAD (Joy, Harmony, Courage and I.Q., Sparky and Magico are standing together.)


MAGICO So he really told the old bag off?

HARMONY Yep, until he snapped his fingers. Then it was midnight for Cinderella.

MAGICO Well, start practicing. I'll go see about getting Peter Platter to give our show a few plugs on the air.


SCENE 5: TRANQUILLITY FOREST - BESIDE A ROAD (Magico is walking down the road He comes up to a sign reading 'Deer Crossing'.)


MAGICO Deer Crossing? I didn't know there were any deer here.

(Benita and Funky Rat pop out from behind a bush. Funky is holding the zapper. He zaps Magico, who falls to the ground.)

BENITA Just call me 'Benita Deery'. (Benita laugh maniacally.)




SCENE 6: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - PENTHOUSE (Magico is sitting in a chair, surrounded by Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter.)


BENITA I want you to hypnotize me into the greatest singer in the world.

MAGICO Well...uh...I don't know if I can do that. The circumstances are definitely not good at all.

BENITA Shut up and get on with your hypnotism stuff.

(Magico removes the medallion from his pocket. Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter all look intently at the medallion.)

MAGICO Watch the medallion swaying back and forth. To and fro, and off you go! (to Benita) You are the greatest singer in the world. You're absolutely the greatest.

FUNKY RAT (in trance) Yavo! I am the greatest singer in the world. (singing) Heute ist Augustine, Augustine, Augustine.

WOOFER (in trance) No! We're the greatest singer in the world.

TWEETER (in trance) Hit it!

WOOFER & TWEETER (singing in trance) Way down upon the Swanne River, far far away.

BENITA Why, you hypnotized everyone but me!


SCENE 7: TRANQUILLITY FOREST - BUGALOOS' PAD (Joy, Harmony, Courage, I.Q. and Sparky are practicing their various circus routines.)


COURAGE Okay, guys. Time to get on your costume. It's dress rehearsal time.

JOY Not until Magico gets back.

HARMONY I wonder what's taking him so long.

I.Q. He probably ran into something in town.

BLUE BELL Alarm! Alarm! Bad news is coming over the Grapevine.

(The Bugaloos and Sparky rush over to the Grapevine.)

GRAPEVINE Benita grabbed Magico! Benita grabbed Magico!

I.Q. Why did she do that?

GRAPEVINE She's holding him prisoner. She's making him hypnotize her. So she'll be the greatest singer in the world.

COURAGE Greatest singer in the world?

JOY Magico can't work miracles.

GRAPEVINE He better. Or she'll blast him into a million little pollywogs.

SPARKY Let's get him.

COURAGE How can we when her goons are watching him?

I.Q. Why don't we give them something else to watch...like a circus!

JOY Take the show on the road.



SCENE 8: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - PENTHOUSE (Magico is still sitting in a chair, surrounded by Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter.)


BENITA This is your last chance.

MAGICO (holding medallion) You are going into a trance. Please go into a trance! To and fro. To and fro, and off you go!

BENITA It's not working! You're just playing footsy with meeeee (Benita enters a trance).

MAGICO Mother of Merlin! I did it! The old bag is zonked out!

FUNKY RAT (pointing zapper at Magico) Go on. Go on.

MAGICO You are the greatest singer in the world.

BENITA I am the greatest singer in the world. (pause) Pardon me while I cut another hit record.


SCENE 9: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - PENTHOUSE (Woofer and Tweeter are at the recording controls. Benita is standing at the microphone. Funky Rat guards Magico, who is still seated in the same chair. The music begins.)


BENITA (singing) I'm the pajama team. I'm the quarter back too. I'm the captain of the ship. I'm the lion in the zoo. Cause I am great! I'm great!

(The juke box recording controls explode. In the confusion, Magico tries to slip away to the elevator.)

BENITA (no longer in trance) Come back here, you phony.

(Funky Rat grabs Magico.)

HARMONY (out of view) Circus is here! Come see the circus!

BENITA What? I thought I told them not to come.

(Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter walk out onto the balcony. The camera shows a circus has been set up on the ground below in front of the peacock. The Bugaloos are in circus costume performing various acts.)

TWEETER Boss, can we watch the big show?

BENITA No, you dummies. That's the Bugaloos. (shouting down to Bugaloos) Get off my property! (to Funky) Funky, get the zapper.

FUNKY RAT But what about Magico?

BENITA Put him in the closet.


SCENE 10: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - FRONT ENTRANCE (A high wire has been erected in front of the entrance. The peacock is watching Joy, Harmony, Courage, I.Q. and Sparky perform their circus acts. Harmony is dressed as a ring master, Joy as a tight rope walker, and I.Q. and Courage as clowns.)


PEACOCK What a groovy circus.

(Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter exit Juke Box front door. Benita is holding the zapper.)

BENITA Watch me zap these bugs.

TWEETER No, boss. Please.

(Courage and I.Q., dressed as clowns, run around in front of Benita while performing an act.)

BENITA Watch me zap them, if they'd stand still. (To Courage and I.Q.) Stand still!

(Courage and I.Q. continue their act. It reaches a comical conclusion.)

BENITA This is a pretty good show. I think I'll watch now and zap later.

HARMONY Now high above the center ring, Miss Joy will walk across the high wire.

(Drum roll sounds as Joy, perched on the high wire, walks across the high wire successfully.)

HARMONY For her next trick, we need the safety net. We don't want the little lady getting hurt.

BENITA Who doesn't?

(Courage and I.Q. take out a large net and walk to opposite ends of the tight wire.)

COURAGE & I.Q. One, two, three, and away we go.

(Courage and I.Q. throw the net over Benita, Funky Rat, Woofer and Tweeter. Joy descends from the high wire.)

HARMONY Get Magico!

JOY That's what I call a captive audience!

(Joy rushes inside the juke box.)


SCENE 11: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - PENTHOUSE (Joy exits the elevator and rushes into the empty penthouse. She hears pounding on the closet door and open it. Magico is inside.)


MAGICO Oh Joy, you're a joy to see.


SCENE 12: BENITA'S JUKEBOX - FRONT ENTRANCE (Courage and I.Q. are still keeping Benita and company under the net. Joy and Magico exit from the front entrance. The Bugaloos, Sparky and Magico rush off. Benita and company pull the net off.)


PEACOCK Boss, you're a scream. I didn't know you were part of the show!


SCENE 13: TRANQUILLITY FOREST - BUGALOOS' PAD (The Bugaloos' pad is set up like a circus, with a high wire, trampoline, etc. The Bugaloos are in circus costume. Magico, Sparky, Nutty Bird, and the cardboard people surround the circus.)


BUGALOOS (singing)
    Believe, frowns are reserved for circus clowns
    Believe, smiling will pick you up off the ground
    'Cause only the lucky ones, are those who can

    Believe, growling's reserved for the lion's den
    Believe, laughing is God's special gift to man
    So roll out each morning, and give out the warning
    To the world that being down is out of style

    Believe, suspicion is what made the tiger mean
    Believe, trusting in people makes life a dream
    So roll out each morning, and give out the warning
    To the world that being down is out of style

    Believe, frowns are reserved for circus clowns
    Believe, smiling will pick you up off the ground
    'Cause only the lucky ones, are those who can

    'Cause only the lucky ones, are those who can ... believe
    Only the lucky ones, are those who can ... believe



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